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DBT Services

What is DBT?

If you are reading this, someone has likely told you that you or someone you know could benefit from something called DBT. The main goal of DBT is to build a life worth living. That means doing things that are meaningful and important to you.

DBT stands for
Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Dialectical means that we are always trying to manage acceptance with change. That means that we believe that everyone is doing the best they can, while also understanding that people need to try harder to make changes in their lives.

Behavioral, which means that anything can be reinforced or reduced. Reinforcement is something like a good grade on a test after studying, which increases the chances of studying again. DBT recognizes the rules of behavior change and includes them in therapy to help the client achieve their goals. 

Therapy, which in DBT means something different from other types of therapy. Our first goal is making sure that people stay alive, the second is making sure they stay in therapy, and the third goal is creating a life worth living. A DBT therapist believes that therapy happens as a relationship between equals.

Who is DBT For?

DBT has been studied and is being studied for multiple populations, but what most of them have in common are difficulties managing emotions.   

DBT at St. Vincent’s
Behavioral Health Center

DBT is composed of several treatment components that include a skills group, individual therapy, and a coaching and consultation team.

For more information

Natalia Potter, LMSW
Coordinator of DBT Services
(914) 286-4454