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Outpatient Addiction Recovery Services

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In order to meet the challenges of chemical dependency, St. Vincent's offers a multi-disciplinary treatment approach that is consistent with the 12-Step model of recovery. The primary objective of treatment is to help persons suffering from these illnesses to achieve and maintain abstinence from alcohol and all illicit and/or medically unauthorized drugs. The goal is to assist clients in learning the attitudes, skills, abilities and information necessary for successful and fulfilling recoveries.

St. Vincent's offers the following outpatient services as a follow-up to inpatient treatment or as an alternative to inpatient treatment. Services available at our Harrison campus include:

Day Rehabilitation

This program is an alternative to inpatient treatment when an individual needs daily treatment to remain abstinent but his or her symptoms are stable enough to permit return to a supportive and/or supervised living situation at night. Services include: daily psycho-education groups, intensive group psychotherapy, men's and women's issues groups, relapse prevention groups, family therapy groups, stress management and life skills groups and a variety of activities therapies. Model 12-Step meetings are conducted by the patients themselves.

Intensive Evening Program

This program meets three times per week with a treatment approach similar to the day rehabilitation service. Both intensive treatment and clinic level relapse prevention is available in the evening. Multi-family couples therapy is also provided one evening a week with an experienced family therapist. Persons referred for treatment as a result of drinking driver programs are treated in both the evening and day programs.


All programs support the progress made in the primary phase of treatment, helping individuals to maintain their recoveries by capitalizing on their strengths and prior gains in treatment.

Co-occurring Disorders

St. Vincent's provides care to patients who suffer from co-occurring mental illness and chemical dependency in any of our programs, depending on the individual's needs.

Medication-Assisted Treatment
St. Vincent's chemical dependency programs offers medication-assisted treatment to support the recovery process. In conjunction with participation in a counseling program, medications such as suboxone and naltrexone have been shown to reduce the euphoric effects of opioids such as heroin, to reduce cravings and to ease or eliminate withdrawal symptoms. Click here for information about the methadone maintenance program at Saint Joseph's Medical Center. Click here for information about opioid treatment services in Brooklyn and Queens.

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For more information, or to make a referral, please call (914) 925-5320 or (855) 239-0019.

Outpatient Addiction Recovery Services
St. Vincent's Hospital Westchester
275 North St., Harrison 10528

Other Outpatient Addiction Services 

The Maxwell Institute
92 Yonkers Avenue, Tuckahoe 10707
(914) 337-6033
Intensive and clinic-level services, including adults and adolescents
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Port Chester Recovery Center
132 Pearl Street, Port Chester 10573
(914) 939-2700
Clinic-level services, including bilingual (Spanish and adolescent)
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Saint Joseph's Medical Center
Addiction Recovery Services

Positive Directions
317 S. Broadway, 2nd floor, Yonkers 10701
(914) 378-7965
Intensive and clinic-level services, including bilingual
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Methadone Maintenance Treatment Program
17 S. Broadway, Yonkers 10701
(914) 378-7566
Comprehensive opioid addiction treatment
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