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Clergy Consultation & Treatment Service

St. Vincent’s Clergy Consultation and Treatment Service (CCTS), founded in 1992, provides Roman Catholic priests, deacons, religious brothers and other ordained ministers with mental health assessment, outpatient treatment, and referral services. CCTS also offers consultation and education services to parishes, schools, and other community agencies.

Clergy needs are addressed within a holistic framework, viewing the person simultaneously in the realms of the spiritual, psychological, physical and social. The program seeks to reawaken a spirit of prayer and service in each patient, promoting healing not only in themselves, but also in their relationship with God and others.

Evaluation Service

The CCTS Evaluation Service can determine what treatment, if any, is indicated. Candidates applying to seminaries, candidates being considered for incardination to a new diocese, or candidates for religious orders also are assessed. We can assist those who need help with accommodations during their stay. When longer-term residential treatment is indicated, the treatment team makes a recommendation as to which facility might offer the most beneficial program. The choice of residential facility ultimately is the decision of the patient with his superior.

Treatment Program

CCTS treats patients who are experiencing psychological or emotional distress due to ministry, personal, and/or vocational crises, as well as distress caused by psychiatric problems, including addiction. Inpatient and outpatient treatment options are available, including: individual psychotherapy, cognitive group therapy, spiritual development and rehabilitative therapy.

Treatment emphasizes awareness of, and action-oriented changes to, psychological distortions, habits and dysfunctional coping tendencies. The program teaches stress management, alternative coping strategies, and leisure time management. Healthy and adaptive leisure time pursuits are encouraged. In crisis situations, when a brief stay on one of the inpatient units may be necessary, the patient may attend CCTS while on inpatient, or be discharged directly into CCTS.

Spirituality Component

CCTS pays specific attention to the participant’s spiritual development through weekly individual meetings with the CCTS Spiritual Director and group participation in the Spiritual Development Group structured around the scriptures. There is a comprehensive spiritual assessment as well as other activities designed to integrate spirituality.

Discharge Planning

As an outpatient program, CCTS is designed for patients to self-refer and to participate in treatment without leaving active ministry. Some patients are discharged into limited and supervised active ministry, while others return to full active ministry. When active ministry is not an option, discharge planning would then involve career and education counseling, as well as assisting patient in dealing with his grief over losing the option of active ministry and supporting him on the road to a healthy and happy life.

For more information about CCTS, or to arrange a referral, please call (914) 925-5240.

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