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Geriatric Ambulatory Program

The Geriatric Ambulatory Program offers services focusing on the mental health needs of individuals age 60 and older. The program provides comprehensive treatment options for older adults with long-standing or newly diagnosed mental illnesses such as anxiety, bipolar disorder, chemical dependency, depression and dementia. Care is provided in an outpatient setting, but if inpatient hospitalization is required, patients have access to St. Vincent’s inpatient services. All treatment services are provided by a multidisciplinary team, including board-certified psychiatrists with special qualifications in geriatric psychiatry, a clinical psychologist, social workers, nursing staff, and activity therapists, all with expertise and experience in treating older adults.

Services offered can include:

  • Comprehensive psychiatric evaluation, including mood and memory evaluation and dementia workup if needed
  • Psychopharmacology management and collaboration with primary care physician
  • Individual and group therapies using problem-solving and cognitive-behavioral approaches
  • Case management services in collaboration with other agencies and care-givers
  • Psychosocial management including senior social club staffed by volunteers
  • Ambulatory and maintenance ECT treatment

Intensive Geriatric Outpatient Treatment

This daily program treats individuals who are experiencing an acute phase of their illness. Modalities include group and individual therapy, medication and symptom management. The program helps patients to form goals and strengthen several important areas of their lives, including family relationships and improving social skills. The program also helps patients to develop a better understanding about their mental illnesses, provides information about medications and helps to identify symptoms of illness.

The program uses cognitive behavioral therapy to help patients address a variety of psychiatric disorders, including mood, anxiety and thought disorders. The program is covered by most insurance plans and transportation to and from the program can be arranged.

Outpatient Geriatric Program

St. Vincent’s outpatient geriatric service addresses psychological issues affecting the lives of older adults. These may include psychological issues related to aging and ongoing psychological disorders including mood and anxiety disorders. The program offers individual and/or group therapy and medication management. Typically, group therapy is offered weekly, individual therapy twice monthly and medication management monthly. Treatment in the outpatient program is aimed at maintaining an optimal level of functioning. This program is covered by most insurance plans.

Inpatient Geriatric Unit

A specially-designed 13-bed inpatient unit is available to treat older adults who are suffering with severe symptoms of mental illness and need short-term psychiatric treatment and stabilization. The philosophy of treatment in the inpatient service is to treat acute symptoms and facilitate return to the community, and, as soon as possible, to continue treatment in an outpatient setting.

Senior Social Club

A free, volunteer-run club offers ongoing interpersonal interaction for clients ages 60 and older. The Social Club operates three times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The clients can participate in activities such as current events discussions, a spirituality group, games, musical interludes and movies.


Inpatient and outpatient ECT treatment is available for clients requiring this level of treatment.

For More Information

To refer a client, please call the Evaluation and Referral Service at (914) 925-5320 or (855) 239-0019.